Orignal TPS54360BDDAR Intergrated Circuit Ic Chip

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)

PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Regulators


Texas Instruments




Tape & Reel (TR)

Cut Tape (CT)


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Buck, Split Rail

Output Type


Number of Outputs


Voltage - Input (Min)


Voltage - Input (Max)


Voltage - Output (Min/Fixed)


Voltage - Output (Max)


Current - Output


Frequency - Switching

100kHz ~ 2.5MHz

Synchronous Rectifier


Operating Temperature

below zero 40°C ~ 150°C (TJ)

Mounting Type

Surface Mount

Package / Case

8-PowerSOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)

Supplier Device Package

8-SO Power Pad

Base Product Number



1. An integrated circuit is a small electronic device or component.  
Using a certain process, the transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components needed in a circuit and wiring interconnection together, made in a small piece or several small pieces of semiconductor chip or dielectric substrate, and then encapsulated in a shell, become a micro structure with the required circuit function.  
All the components in the structure has formed a whole, so that the volume of the whole circuit is greatly reduced, and the number of leads and welding points is greatly reduced, so that the electronic components toward miniaturization, low power consumption and high reliability stride forward a big step. 

Integrated Circuit

Integrated circuit has been playing a very important role in all walks of life, is the cornerstone of modern information society.  The meaning of the integrated circuit, has gone far beyond the scope of the definition of the newly born, but the most important part, there is still no change, that is "integration", which grew out of a variety of disciplines, mostly around what "integration", "integrated", "how to deal with the pros and cons of integration" of these three questions in order to develop.  Silicon integrated circuit is the mainstream, which is to put all the components needed for a circuit to achieve a certain function on a piece of silicon, the whole formed is called integrated circuit.  For "integration," it might be easier to think about the houses we've lived in:  Many people lived when he was a little house in the countryside, the main body of housing may be a couple of bungalow, play the function of the bedroom, the door of the small courtyard was put on a pair of tables and chairs, will serve as a sitting room, alongside a smoke curled up little room, that is the kitchen, and has the unique function of toilet, need to have a certain isolation, may be in the behind of the building, to 10 m...  Later, in the city, or rural urbanization, we all live in the building or suite, a suite, there is a living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, balcony, maybe only dozens of square meters, but with the original cover of hundreds of square meters of rural housing functions, this is integration.  
Of course, today's integrated circuits are far more integrated than a house, and perhaps a modern building is a better analogy:  There are shops, offices, cafeterias, serviced apartments on the ground, parking lots on several levels underground, and foundations below the parking lot -- this is the layout of integrated circuits, analog circuits and digital circuits are separated, sensitive circuits for processing small signals are separated from the control logic that flips frequently, and power supplies are placed separately in one corner.  The layout of the rooms on each floor is different, and the corridors are different, with zigzags, I zigzags and zigzags -- integrated circuit device designs, where transistors in folded shapes or "fingered" structures can be used to reduce the junction area and gate resistance in low-noise circuits.  Each floor directly has high-speed elevator to reach, in order to efficiency and functional isolation, there may be more than one elevator, each elevator can reach the floor is different -- this is the wiring of integrated circuit, power cord, ground wire separately, the line with large load is also wide;  The clock is separated from the signal;  Vertical wiring between each layer to avoid interference;  The high-speed bus between CPU and storage is equivalent to an elevator, and the through-holes between layers are equivalent to an elevator  

The chip is the carrier of the basic circuit components of the computer.  Many semiconductors, transistors, resistors, capacitors and other components in a computer have to be installed on a chip to form an integrated circuit.  
The function of the chip is to process the input information.  The smaller the chip, the smaller the computer, and the more transistors and other components in the device, the more advanced the computer. 

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