About Us

Founded in 2014, Yingnuode (YND) Electronic Limited

Is an independent distributor & own stock of Electronic Components.

We dedicate in providing new and original electronic components to our EMS& End user customer around the world . Benefit from our extensive in-stock inventory of semiconductors and first source to buy the parts enable us to sell our customer with competitive price.

In order to be a trustworthy supplier with a global footprint. YND Electronics provide high quality components and best services.

YINGNUODE Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional spot supplier of electronic components, engaged in IC electronic components for more than 10 years, has been committed to the promotion and sales of TI and other world famous brand IC.  Special focus on TI, ADI, MAXIM, NXP, ST and other brands.  

Our products are widely used in aerospace, power security, industrial control instruments, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, industrial control, power supply, UPS, home appliances, computers, instruments and meters, communication network equipment and other industries.  

Complete variety, to provide customers with urgently needed electronic components.  We have large quantities in stock and can supply small samples.  For customers in product testing and procurement to bring great convenience, in the price has an advantage.  All products are guaranteed to be original and authentic.  To provide the end users with one-stop BOM list allocation service, BOM list can be quoted in a day 3-7 days delivery 

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The company operates more than 10 product lines, products are widely used in electrical appliances, medical, network communication, brushless motor, aerospace, military and other industries, at present, a number of domestic leading enterprises have many years of cooperation.  After years of development, the company has employees, 90% above whom have bachelor's degree . They have more than 10 years of working experience in technical application engineer and sales industry. They are fully capable of providing and customing various types of chips with market competitiveness for the electronic product market.  And can assist customers in circuit board design and master chip software development, at the same time for special industry customers to provide high-end connector solutions.

Own stock

100 million spot inventory in the warehouse, eliminating intermediate logistics links, greatly shorten the delivery time, to achieve fast delivery. 

Original factory support, agent channels original genuine, spot inventory.  24-hour delivery 

● Supply of more than 50 product lines

● Supply of over 50 brand lines

● More than 200,000 spot SKU, continuously added every month 

● Have the ability to quickly responds for the shortage  materials worldwide  

● Quality Control

● 100% of all inspection  / label & outlooking check 

● Professional quality inspection personnal

● Testing House 

● Professional quality inspection personnal   

● Original factory authorized & FAE Team work 

● Leadpower

At this moment, YND Eletronics are widely used in consumer electronics, industrial control and other fields.  At present, the high-voltage and high-current stepper motor drive chip developed is in the leading position in the industry, breaking the monopoly of foreign competitors, and is adopted by leading customers in the industry, making an important contribution to customer supply chain security.  

The wave of science and technology development is rolling in, the future of IC industry is shining.  We will be forward-looking vision of the layout, to strive for innovation courage, talent and technology to take off the wings, with the "safe and reliable" spirit of ingenuity, is trying to become IC drive motor chip well-known suppliers!