EOL Hard find parts


Most electronic parts pass through several life cycle stages corresponding to changes in part sales. Today’s industry is faced with increased obsolescence from consolidation, M&A and reduced life-cycles. We manage the entire life-cycle of inventory to support your production and EOL demands with LTB’s and our bonded inventory programs.  Freedom’s product managers monitor components for your build of material through product notifications reducing your liability to support long term production.

YND Electronics secure supply chain of global distributors and excess partners gives us the advantage when sourcing obsolete parts. Their reputations rely on only delivering, on time, the highest quality components no matter the circumstances.  Freedom evaluates any component that is not traceable directly to the OCM, utilizing our test partner, Global Electronics. White Horse Testing Services to further evaluate and test for authenticity.  Mitigating risks and ensuring confidence in choosing YND Electronics as your obsolescence solution provider.