There are skills in the classification and application of power management IC chips

Power management chip IC  is the power supply center and link of all electronic products and equipment, responsible for the transformation, distribution, detection and other control functions of the required power, is an indispensable key device of electronic products and equipment.  At the same time, with the development of the Internet of Things, new energy, artificial intelligence, robotics and other emerging application fields, the downstream market of power management chips ushered in new development opportunities.  The following is to introduce the classification, application and judgment of power management IC chip related skills.  

Power management chip classification  

In part because of the proliferation of power management ics, power semiconductors were renamed power management semiconductors.  It is precisely because so many integrated circuits (IC) into the power supply field, people are more to power management to call the current stage of power supply technology.  Power management semiconductor in the leading part of the power management IC, can be roughly summarized as the following 8.  

1. AC/DC modulation IC.  It contains low voltage control circuit and high voltage switching transistor.  

2. DC/DC modulation IC.  Includes boost/step-down regulators, and charge pumps.  

3. power factor control PFC pretuned IC.  Provide power input circuit with power factor correction function.  

4. pulse modulation or pulse amplitude modulation PWM/ PFM control IC.  A pulse frequency modulation and/or pulse width modulation controller for driving external switches.  

5. linear modulation IC(such as linear low voltage regulator LDO, etc.).  Includes forward and negative regulators, and low voltage drop LDO modulation tubes.  

6. battery charging and management IC.  These include battery charging, protection and power display ics, as well as “smart” battery ics for battery data communication.  

7. Hot swap board control IC(exempt from the influence of inserting or removing another interface from the working system).  

8. MOSFET or IGBT switching function IC.  

Among these power management ics, voltage regulation ICS are the fastest growing and most productive.  The various power management ics are generally associated with a number of related applications, so more types of devices can be listed for different applications.  


Two, the application of power management chip  

The scope of power management is relatively wide, including not only the independent power conversion (mainly DC to DC, namely DC/DC), the independent power distribution and detection, but also the combined power conversion and power management system.  Accordingly, the classification of power management chip also includes these aspects, such as linear power chip, voltage reference chip, switching power chip, LCD driver chip, LED driver chip, voltage detection chip, battery charging management chip and so on.  

If the design of the circuit for power supply with high noise and ripple suppression, asked to take up small PCB area (e.g., mobile phones and other handheld electronic products), power supply circuit are not allowed to use inductor (such as mobile phone), transient calibration and output state power needs to be self-checking function, pressure drop required voltage stabilizer and its low power consumption, the line of low cost and simple solution,  Then linear power supply is the most appropriate choice.  This power supply includes the following technologies: precision voltage reference, high performance, low noise operational amplifier, low voltage drop regulator, low static current.  

In addition to the basic power conversion chip, the power management chip also includes the power control chip for the purpose of rational use of power.  Such as NiH battery intelligent quick charging chip, lithium ion battery charge and discharge management chip, lithium ion battery over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit protection chip;  In the line power supply and backup battery switching management chip, USB power management chip;  Charge pump, multi-channel LDO power supply, power sequence control, multiple protection, battery charge and discharge management complex power chip, etc.  

Especially in consumer electronics.  For example, portable DVD, mobile phone, digital camera and so on, almost with 1-2 pieces of power management chip can provide complex multi-way power supply, so that the performance of the system to the best. 


Three, motherboard power management chip good or bad judgment skills  

Motherboard power management chip is very important motherboard, we know that a component work to meet this condition, one is voltage, the other is power.  Motherboard power management chip is responsible for the voltage of each part of the motherboard chip. When a bad motherboard is put in front of us, we can first detect the power management chip of the motherboard and see if the chip has output voltage.  

1) First of all after the mainboard power management chip is broken, the CPU will not work, that is to say, there will be no temperature after the mainboard is powered on the CPU, this time you can use the diode tap of the meter to test the resistance of the inductor coil and the ground if the meter drops a resistance value rises to prove that the power management chip is good, on the contrary, there is a problem.  

2) If the peripheral power supply is normal but the voltage of the power management chip is not normal, you can first check the voltage of the FIELD effect tube G pole, such as paying attention to the different resistance value, and basically confirm that the power management chip is faulty.  

Post time: Jul-13-2022