Intel CEO Henry Kissinger: Launch Intel IDM 2.0 strategy new phase

November 9 news, in 2021 Intel CEO Kissinger (Pat Gelsinger) launched IDM2.0 strategy to open the foundry business, he set up foundry services (IFS) division, hoping to use its fabs to advanced process technology for IC design companies without fabs foundry production of chips, and further with the current industry leaders TSMC, Samsung Samsung. In this regard, Intel CEO Henry Kissinger also explained a lot in the past. A few days ago, he explained how Intel’s IFS differs from its competitors.

According to foreign media reports, Kissinger said Intel’s IFS will usher in an era of system-level foundry, unlike the traditional foundry model of supplying wafers to customers only, Intel IFS will provide products and technologies such as wafers, packaging, software and die. The system level foundry of Intel IFS represents the mode shift from system-on-a-chip to system in a package, which includes service for external customers, as well as contract production for Intel’s internal full product, which is also called by Kissinger Intel IDM 2.0 strategy new phase.

“Chips” comments

Intel will start with the four key capabilities of wafer fabrication, advanced packaging, cores, and software, and differentiate itself from other competitors in four key areas to continue to leverage its expertise in wafer design and manufacturing and drive the rise of Intel Foundry Services.

Post time: Nov-19-2022