In the second half of 2022, increased nearly 1 million electric vehicles /monthly

China has become the world’s largest auto market. The trend of electrification and intelligence has promoted the significant increase in the number of auto chips, and the localization of auto chip has a scale basis.  However, there are still some problems such as small application scale, long certification cycle, low technology added value and high dependence on upstream industry.

In combination with the development of China’s consumer electronics industry and the experience of Japan and South Korea in the construction of auto chip industry chain, it is one of the powerful ways to improve the localization rate of auto chip industry and enhance the autonomous and controllable ability of the auto industry chain and supply chain by focusing on solving the above problems through industrial support policies in the future.  It is difficult to promote the localization of auto chip by market alone. It is necessary to form a strategy of government leading, vehicle enterprises united and focusing on supporting the head chip enterprises

New Energy Finance (BNEF) expects the world to reach a major milestone in electric vehicle adoption in June, when 20 million electric vehicles will be on the road, compared with just 1 million in 2016,  Certainly a significant increase.  The growth rate was much faster than the industry had expected.  In 2021, global sales of new energy vehicles hit a new high of 6.75 million units, up 108% year on year.  From the perspective of the global market pattern, the global sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2021 is mainly contributed by China and Europe. Considering the upcoming new energy vehicle policy of the United States in 2022, China, Europe and The United States may be the “three triad” in 2022. Meanwhile, with the final announcement of the electric strategy by the end of 2021 by Japanese auto companies, in the next three years,  Global electrification will also speed up very quickly .

Post time: May-20-2022