France: Large parking lots must be covered with solar panels

According to foreign media reports, the French Senate passed a new legislation that stipulates that all parking lots with at least 80 parking spaces are equipped with solar panels.

It is reported that from July 1, 2023, small parking lots with 80 to 400 parking spaces will have five years to meet the new rules, parking lots with more than 400 parking spaces need to be completed within three years, and at least half of the parking area needs to be covered with solar panels.

It is understood that France plans a massive investment in renewable energy, aiming to increase the country’s solar power capacity tenfold and double the amount of electricity generated from onshore wind farms.

“Chips” comments

The Russian-Ukrainian war has triggered an energy crisis in Europe that has caused major problems for the production and life of European countries. Currently, France generates 25% of its electricity from renewable sources, which is below the level of its European neighbors.

France’s initiative also confirms Europe’s determination and pace to accelerate the energy transition and upgrade, and the European new energy market will be further expanded.

Post time: Nov-15-2022